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Nourish food by holly davis  image ©Geoff Lung design and styling Yolande Gray

Nourish food by holly davis
image ©Geoff Lung
art direction Yolande Gray

Nourish food by holly davis ebook on its way…

Nourish is out of print but if you are seeking a copy of the book try here

below you will find 15 of my articles, written for Notebook Magazine’s health pages. These were written between 2005 and 2010. some of the information is somewhat dated, though the topics I had to fight to get aired are now widely known and accepted. Awareness of the benefits of probiotic foods and saturated fats from grass raised animals, the value of unrefined sea salt; for instance. the article about Australian bush flower essences is a particular favourite of mine. I hope you find these enjoyable and useful reading.

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